CMYKAs a former member of the Chicago Printers Guild I wanted to make my own site detailing current projects I am working on and a place to showcase my art. I have been in the industry for over 20 years now and this site will be more a private one for friends and colleagues to connect with me and to showcase some of their amazing artwork.

Print technology has increased at a mind boggling rate and there is really no limit on what can be accomplished these days (providing you can afford it :-)). One of the projects I have been working on recently is golf driver printing. Using a hot foil process we can efficiently print any logo in any amount of colors and wrap it right around the club head. I think this is going to be huge and the their is no limit to the amount of designs that we can work on. The technology itself is similar to that used for racing helmets in motorsport. Initially, it was too expensive to consider for the golf industry but now with lower production prices I estimate this to be one of my major markets for 2014. I will post some examples up very soon.

My other major project for this year is to start learning a little bit more about 3d printing. I am sure you all know a lot about this and it is early days yet as far as successful application. Most of the modern 3d printing units are much too slow to produce any kind of volume but I expect the equipment to lower in price and become more efficient as time goes on. There are no limits as to what can be produced with this, off the top of my head I can think of at least 20 projects that I could start with. I have a friend in the medical field and they are already starting to play around with the equipment for body parts! I think they started trying to make a wind pipe or something, it really is quite amazing.

I am also working on a group project with a few connections I have in the art world. They are the artist where I am the expert with print technology. I will post a bit more about this at a later stage so please make sure you come back and visit soon!